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This weekend the Texas Ale Project will be hosting the global art collective Conception. The exhibit has a large following from New York City to Los Angeles and will return to Dallas this Saturday. Twenty-five local artists will be featured in this year’s exhibition.

Award-winning artist Andrew Kochie will be exhibit at Conception for the fourth time. Kochie was a finalist for the 2016 Hunting Art Prize and won the Award of Excellence at Conception Dallas in 2015. “I believe in giving back to the community around me and establishing strong bonds with people who are making a difference,” Kochie says. Kochie describes himself as a full-time visual artist and says he is a musician as well. “Music often influences my art greatly as I envision the colors and shapes of sound into abstract forms. Art is the poetry of light cast in paint, and music is the poetry of sound cast in time…”

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Rachel Wilkins Blum, co-founder of Conception, has been named a Woman of Influence by New York City Business Journal because of the work she does in local arts communities around the country. Rachel tells Patron, “I continue to be impressed and excited by the work I am seeing from local Dallas artists. I always make a conscious effort to free up my schedule and attend the Dallas exhibit in person. The work is both diverse and vibrant. The artists are passionate and engaging, and, the collectors that attend are both knowledgeable and supportive of this thriving local arts community.”

Texas-based artist Maggie Schermerhorn will also be featured in the Dallas show. Schermerhorn is currently finishing up her undergrad in painting at the University of North Texas. Maggie says of her work, “In my art I take a deeper look, into the different effects everyday wear and tear have on the human body. Through medical images such as x-rays, MRIs, and other microscopic imaging processes, I apply multicolored oil paint to give them new life.”

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Other artists featured at the Dallas show will be Laura Laukoter, Robert Domenech, Michael Shaw, Robert Collings, Rebeka Boling, Kristi Grunden and many others. The Dallas show will be held at Texas Ale Project on Saturday July 23 from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the evening. Tickets are available for $20 in advance and will also be available at the door for $25. Tim Shewmake will perform live music. For more information on Conception and upcoming events, please visit


  1. Andrew Kochie is an artist to watch. His work melds color, shape and space in a well-crafted, Art Forward, and abstract use of trompe L’oeil

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