Before the heat revved up this summer, we stepped inside the stylish structure on Strait Lane known as the Beck House. Designed by Philip Johnson, the grounds were especially lush in early July—a result of all the rainfall and meticulous tending of house manager Jeff Bogart. While there, we spent a day following Shayna Fontana who offered a new perspective on the much-celebrated manse by way of infrared photography. Stylist Carlos Alonso Parada juxtaposed the best of fall fashion beneath the scores of arches for which the home is known. Entirely photogenic, few could tire of pictures of this postmodern dwelling, so we invite you to take a look at some of ours in Over Arching Style. The $27.5 million-dollar manse is represented by Faisal Halum of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty.

Dallas was leaving for summer vacation when a call came from contributor Peggy Levinson. Interior designer Dan Nelson had just completed a project on a Frank Welch-designed home recently purchased by Paula Lambert. She’s Mozzarella Company’s founder, of course, and creator of 30-some artisanal cheeses. Plus, her food-loving friends and fans enjoy her small group tours to Italy to experience cuisine and cooking classes through her second company Viagga Deliziozi. Days prior to a cruise from Venice to Rome, featuring the renowned cheese maker and equally famed bestie Stephan Pyles, we found her quite settled into her new home prepping for a dinner party. With a 16-person guest list, which included longtime pals Jan Barbaglio, Jo Marie Lilly, Cheryl and Kevin Vogel, and new friends Dianne and Mark LaRoe among others, it was a special treat to observe the preparations and enjoy the spoils. Take a peek for yourself in Chez Paula.

We do know the best design and architecture resources are found in North Texas. Thus, we continue our coverage with a project by Rolnick+Gordon Design who along with Bernbaum-Magadini Architects created a stunning residence for a Houston couple. Made in Dallas takes you inside the penthouse that brims with custom work from both Dallas-based firms, along with furnishings, fixtures, and art from the area.

What happens to all those dollars raised for nonprofits during fundraising fêtes? Sometimes those important donations are not always visible going toward institutional costs, programming, and enrichment. That’s not the case for the Dallas Museum of Art. Monies donated from TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art translate to art acquisitions. In Keeping it Fresh, we highlight a selection of contemporary works acquired for the DMA over the event’s 18-year history.

She’s photographed British royalty, American politicians, and an untold number of celebrities, architects, architecture, and artists for The Dallas Morning News and numerous magazines including Patron. This fall Nan Coulter’s work will be the subject of a solo show at The Goss-Michael Foundation. Lee Cullum previews in Nan Coulter: September 14, 2017, marking the date of the exhibition’s opening.

In other season openings, this issue explores fall exhibitions coming to Webb Gallery, Cydonia, Galleri Urbane, and Kirk Hopper Fine Art. Brandon Kennedy checks out the Ukrainian Pavilion featuring Boris Mikhailov, curated by Dallas’s own Peter Doroshenko at Venice Biennale on view through November.

Moving Cities: Dallas, an installation exhibiting still images and a short film by Jevan Chowdhury in partnership with VisitDallas, is currently on view at NorthPark Center before moving to the African American Museum. These shows and much more encapsulated in Noted, present the top museum exhibitions, performances, and gallery openings in the region. Swing by for a visit.

–  Terri Provencal

terri@patronmagazine.com; Instagram terri_provencal and patronmag

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  1. Terri!

    Beautiful job this month! I am a local producer in town and I wanted to pitch an idea, actually a project I have been working on and wanted to partner with Patron. I believe you are the editor in chief but I am sure you are busy. Is there a colleague for the magazine I could speak to? I was one of the recipients for the first round of grants through the Dallas Cultural Affairs for an original production I am doing in February as well I will be featured in the Advocate next month. I am wildly passionate about the arts in Dallas and want to make sure I give this project and my other’s the attention they deserve.

    Let me know and thank you for your time,
    Kristin Colaneri

  2. Hello Terri,

    I have so enjoyed the last 3 days of engaging with you even if it was during Jury Duty!! Your magazine is truly a piece of art and I am familiar with it. You have integrity, insight and I must say ingenious in seeing that is art art or is art art!! I learned that in Humanities!! I’ve ordered 2 years subscription of your magazine not because of seeing you but seeing you reconnected me to something I loved and gave up!!



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