Fashion Group International of Dallas Honors Kenny Goss and Joyce Goss as Art Patrons of the Year

On Friday night Fashion Group International of Dallas will honor Kenny Goss and sister-in-law Joyce Goss as Art Patrons of the Year during Night of Stars at Union Station. FGI Dallas states the two have “reinvigorated the Dallas art world through their work at The Goss-Michael Foundation.”  

Kenny Goss is widely known as an entrepreneur, businessman, and the co-founder, along with his late former partner and music legend George Michael, of The Goss-Michael Foundation. Goss is passionate about human rights, issues including addiction and gender, as well as women and children’s rights and is always there to lend a hand to meaningful nonprofit organizations in the community.

Joyce Goss, a woman of timeless appeal, is the Executive Director of The Goss-Michael Foundation and a leading philanthropist and activist in the art world. She also serves in executive positions, as a board member and chair of key events for The Family Place, MTV RE:DEFINE, U.S. Fund for UNICEF,  Dallas Women’s Foundation, Nasher Sculpture Center, Planned Parenthood of North Texas and Dallas Contemporary, among others. 

Patron Magazine has covered the important work of both Joyce and Kenny along with The Goss-Michael Foundation, including a feature on Tracey Emin, MTV RE:DEFINE’s 2018 honored artist. Here we catch up with the two on the evening prior to Night of Stars.


PATRON: Congratulations on receiving the Art Patron of the Year award Friday night at Fashion Group International. What excites you both about tomorrow night?

Joyce Goss/Kenny Goss: The fact that we are being honored among our peers and good friends, and recognized in Dallas for our work at The Goss-Michael Foundation. The Goss-Michael Foundation provides a forum for British Contemporary art by presenting exhibitions, programs, and resources to educate, engage, and inspire. We hope we are doing just that.

P: Kenny, you co-founded, and generously share with the public, this much-celebrated Young British Art collection that has certainly elevated the awareness of these important contemporary artists in the region. Can you describe initial reactions to work like Damien Hirst’s St. Sebastian?

Kenny Goss: What I’ve noticed the most is that St. Sebastian is very powerful and encourages people to think about their own mortality. We were also proud to see St. Sebastian in Tom Ford’s highly acclaimed movie “Nocturnal Animals” in 2016. The movie has given people around the world an opportunity to see this significant and moving piece of art.  

P: Joyce, you straddle the world of art and fashion so seamlessly. And I know you’ve mounted many fashion events at The Goss-Michael Foundation. Will you share the details of the current installation with the Texas Fashion Collection?

Joyce Goss featured in Patron’s December 2016/January 2017 issue.

JG: Our current exhibition, On Bodies highlights works from the Goss-Michael Collection along with significant and rarely seen pieces from The Texas Fashion Collection. The selected works explore a variety of human experiences and how bodies play a role in our understanding of the world.

P: Kenny, we know the late co-founder George Michael was committed to philanthropy in quiet and anonymous ways. Tell us about his support of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and how that may have led to MTV RE:DEFINE.

KG: In 1998 George Michael hosted the award-winning documentary, Staying Alive, for MTV. The success of the documentary was the driving force in the formation of MTV Staying Alive Foundation. In an ongoing mission to raise much-needed funds for MTV Staying Alive Foundation, the Executive Director of MTV Staying Foundation approached The Goss-Michael Foundation about collaborating on an event. The rest, as they say, is history.  

P: This will be the first time you host MTV RE:DEFINE at NorthPark Center, again that pairing of art and fashion, especially given NorthPark’s significant collection. Joyce, we know you’ve personally hosted many events with NorthPark’s luxury retailers and are currently a NorthPark Luxury Ambassador. What appeals to you with regards to the partnership with NorthPark?

Kenny Goss, Joyce Goss

JG: NorthPark Center has been a longtime supporter of MTV REDEFINE and when the opportunity presented itself to move the event to their beautiful CenterPark we accepted immediately. NorthPark Center itself is a museum due to the world-class works of art on display. MTV RE:DEFINE has always been a mix of art and fashion so this new collaboration was perfect for 2018.

P: Tracey Emin is an artist I know you have a close personal relationship with, Kenny. You had a solo show for Tracey in 2007 in the early days of The Goss-Michael Foundation. Tell us why 2018 is the year to honor the great Ms. Emin.

Kenny Goss

KG: As you mentioned, Tracey is one of my very best friends and it’s been a dream of mine to honor Tracey since we started MTV RE:DEFINE. She finally said yes!

P: We always feel like Patron and MTV RE:DEFINE are growing up together since we both launched the same year. 2011 seems close and far away at the same time. What has changed during that time in the art community? 

JG/KG: It’s been an exciting six years! Patron Magazine has matured and now contains the best art stories in the region. From an art standpoint, there is a strong collecting community in Dallas and it continues to grow.  

JG/KG: And how has this propelled your event forward?

The success and growth of the event has mirrored the increase in the individuals who are developing their personal collections. We have been able to bring in the best of contemporary art and the monies raised reflect the enthusiasm for the artists chosen for MTV RE:DEFINE.

This year, the Night of Stars Gala co-chairs are Britt Harless and Heidi Dillon.  Honorary chair is Chuck Steelman, and Ken Weber is the regional director. This year’s Night of Stars will include a reception, live auction, and fashion presentation of the Spring 2018 Missoni collection.


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Proceeds from Night of Stars benefit the FGI of Dallas Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships to fashion students in North Texas.  Last year, FGI of Dallas donated more than $200,000 in cash scholarships and prizes to college students during the annual FGI Scholarship Competition held each spring at the Dallas Market Center.

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