Caroline Mousseau, Bloom, 2017, oil on canvas, 24 x 20 in

After a successful premiere exhibition in 2015, Cydonia Gallery is hosting the second solo show for Canadian painter Caroline Mousseau. Surrounding Isolations, runs through July 19, and marks the final exhibit for Cydonia’s year of all female programming.

Mousseau’s style plays with the concept of painting itself, using paint as a medium of texture with the repetitive application of thick, impasto-like strokes. In Surrounding Isolations, Mousseau adjusts her own voice as an artist, striving “not to capture the landscape as painting has often attempted to throughout history, do, but rather to exist within it.” Stemming from her own confusion on how to observe spaces and their obfuscating features, her work offers viewers an “exercise in perception,” by constructing a point where representation and abstraction intersect.

ArtSpace111 hosts the 4th annual ArtSpace111 Regional Juried Exhibition aimed to showcase noteworthy artists from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The show exhibits a diverse group of artists working in a variety of media and includes both 2D and 3D works. First prize included a chance for an artist to receive a solo show at ArtSpace111 in the 2017-2018 calendar year. This year’s top prize went to Joelle Nagy. The Fort Worth-based gallery exhibition ends July 22.

Through September 2, 2017, Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art hosts a group show. Unfolding the Process, includes artists Adreon Henry, Jen Rose, Jen Pack, Julia Ousley, Sherry Giryotas, Susan Lecky, and Lindsey Dunnagan. The exhibit incorporates a heavy emphasis on the process behind the work, whether painting, sculpture, ceramic, or textile, and offers the viewer a backstage pass to various artistic practices.

Mi Cuerpo Está Aquí, Mi Cuerpo non Está Aquí, collaborative installation

Conduit Gallery has two exhibitions both running through August 12, 2017. The first is Mi Cuerpo Está Aquí, Mi Cuerpo non Está Aquí, the fifth collaborative installation series by Guatemalan native Hellen Ascoli and Texan James Sullivan. While the first exhibition existed in Guatemala, Mi Cuerpo Está Aquí, Mi Cuerpo non Está Aquí makes its debut in this American exhibition, exploring physical and social boundaries and how this interacts with the body itself. The installation incorporates object spaces, video, and sound. The second gallery show is Per Diem, a 2D group showcase for artists Rosalyn Bodycomb, Vincent Falsetta, Kirk Hayes, Jules Buck Jones, Stephen Lapthisophon, Marcelyn McNeil, and Roberto Munguia. The work exhibited is extremely diverse from expressionist paintings to realistic city scenes.


Valley House Gallery has two exhibitions both running through July 22. The first is a solo show for Kathy Boortz, In Plain View (a mixed media celebration of backyard birds). These mixed media sculptures are inspired by bird watching during Boortz’s walks in Texas. The material comes from found objects and emulates her experiences with nature.

The second exhibition is a solo show for painter Lindy Chambers: No Glass Slipper (Living off the Grid in Rural Texas). These vibrantly colored works are an homage to the rural “off the grid” scenes she encounters while roaming from her Texas home. What one might view as forgotten and dismal, Chambers finds meaning, and fodder for sketches. She often keeps the trash and the strays found in scenes present in her works, refusing to edit the places she sees resulting in a personalized, memorable, and honest take on rural scenes.

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