New, Big, and Blue in the Dallas Design District

Babyfoot by Idan Zareski 

Something new, big and blue is coming to the Dallas Design District. The sculpture is called Babyfoot andis 13 feet long and 8 feet tall. The giant blue baby is designed by Idan Zareski and features Zareski’s signature oversized feet. Babyfoot is taking up residency in the Design District and will surely bring a lot of attention to the Oak Lawn entrance. The Babyfoot sculpture is heir to his father, the Bigfoot sculpture. Babyfoot’s huge feet symbolize the roots of our past, our anchor to this small fragile planet.  They are a reminder to humanity that we are all walking and sharing a common ground. 

Instantly familiar, Idan’s Babyfoot invokes an emotion that we automatically identify with. We have all experienced it in our lives, pouting and staring at our feet, we want this baby to stop pouting and hug him. The human body has been modeled, formed, and deformed throughout the centuries by countless sculptors, yet, Idan’s innovative artistic expression still managed to portray a universal emote in a unique way. 

The sculpture is one out of a series of eight, which are scattered around the world from the Swiss Alps to the beaches of Costa Rica to Art Basel Miami. Babyfoot will be completed for shipping to Dallas in March 2019. 

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